Van Halen’s ex-singer, Sammy Hagar shared a tweet on his Twitter account and showed that he will never stop trying to patch things up with Van Halen’s other frontman, David Lee Roth.

Not a day goes by without some drama between Van Halen’s two frontmen Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth. As you might remember, David had recently posted an illustration of Sammy which received a lot of attention.

The duo is known for their rivalry which started during the ’70s and grew stronger after Sammy Hagar replaced David as the frontman of Van Halen. As Van Halen’s popularity increased after Sammy, Van Halen fans believe that David has bitter feelings towards both Sammy and Van Halen.

When David posted a caricature of Sammy, fans expected him to be offended and were curious to see what new drama was expecting them. However, Sammy reposted the photo and thanked his ‘old buddy Dave‘ for featuring him in his art.

Which brings us to December 2, when Sammy posted a tweet on his Twitter account. As you might recall, Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth co-headlined ruing a national tour in 2002 which they called ‘The Sam and Dave Tour.’

In his recent tweet, Sammy reminisced the time they spent while touring together with a photo from the 2003 MTV Music Awards and said that it was a fun tour that was also loaded with drama.

His recent tweet proved that Sammy will never give up on trying to make things better with David Lee Roth. It seems like the duo needs each other as their rivalry has helped both of them to push their limits and become successful musicians. Now that the years have passed, it looks like they have come to appreciate their rivalry and friendship.

Here’s what Sammy said in the caption:

“Throwback to the 2003 MTV Music Awards – the end of the Sam and Dave Tour. Looking back it was actually a fun tour loaded with drama. #TBT #SamAndDave #BigTimeWrestling #ItsOnlyRockNRollButILikeIt #MoreFunThanAFrogAndAGlassOfMilk”

You can check out the tweet that Sammy Hagar posted below.