The former stars of Van Halen and current musicians of The Circle, Michael Anthony and Sammy Hagar, were recently interviewed by the official YouTube account of Q1043 New York last week and talked about their new album named ‘Lockdown 2020’ as well as the reason why they’ve failed to reunite with Van Halen.

Earlier this month, Sammy Hagar has posted a recent tweet on his verified Twitter account and announced their new album named ‘Lockdown 2020.’ A week later, The Circle has released their brand new album that consists of 11 songs that all of which were recorded during the coronavirus outbreak.

While Q104.3 New York admitted that it’s too raw to talk things about Van Halen after Eddie’s death, they also asked if Michael and Sammy embrace the possibility of a Van Halen reunion tour, at least, do something to pay tribute to Eddie Van Halen down the line.

Here is what Sammy Hagar said:

“It’s got to happen, of course, it’s going to happen. No one’s really connected all the dots with everyone involved but I have been told and I have read my interviews with various people involved, with Wolfie, and Valerie, Eddie’s wife that he was married to at the time – they all said as soon as this is over, we’re going to get everybody together and do a reunion.

I mean, do a tribute or whatever, just a thank you, a goodbye, a send-off. And that’s an absolute must, I don’t care if it takes 10 years, that will happen. If I’m available to do it, I will do it.”

Michael Anthony chimed in:

“Got to celebrate the music. So much good music.”

You can check out the full interview below.

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