Former Van Halen singer Sammy Hagar recently posted a rare video featuring the late guitar legend Eddie Van Halen on his Instagram account and cherished a special moment he shared with Eddie while they were performing together back in 1993.

As you probably know, Sammy Hagar enjoys using his social media accounts, and specifically, his Instagram account to announce his latest music and business projects, share sneak peeks from his life, and pay tribute to famous rockstars, such as Eddie Van Halen.

Even though Sammy’s relationship with the Van Halen members, including Eddie, was complicated, it is obvious that these problems didn’t change Hagar’s opinion on Eddies immense talent as a musician. With his latest Instagram post, Sammy Hagar applauded Eddie’s piano playing skills and said that people rarely talk about it.

Sammy shared a video of Eddie and himself performing ‘Love Walks In‘ the way they ‘originally wrote it’ as he said in the video, for the ‘5150’ album and Hagar said that it is one of his favorite ballads. The duo had performed that song at the 1993 Bridge School Benefit upon Neil Youngs invitation.

He stated that this performance was very special and unusual to him as they had never done anything like this. He asked his fans to ‘enjoy this treasure’ and expressed his unending love and admiration for Eddie Van Halen.

Here’s what Sammy Hagar said in the caption of his latest Instagram post:

“Eddie & Sammy ‘Love Walks In’ (Bridge School Benefit 1993)
You rarely hear people talking about Eddie Van Halens brilliant piano playing.

This is one of my favorite ballads we wrote for ‘5150.’ In 1993, Neil Young invited me back to do another Bridge benefit and I brought Eddie. It was so special and unusual. We had never done anything like this. Please enjoy this treasure.”

You can check out Sammy Hagar’s recent Instagram pots with Eddie Van Halen below.