Sammy Hagar, who is the former Van Halen singer and current frontman of The Circle, celebrated the 58th birthday of his bandmate Vic Johnson on his official Instagram account.

While celebrating the birthday of Vic, Sammy also recalled the time when they first meet back in 1996 and said that they played ‘Rock Candy,’ ‘Three Lockbox,’ and ‘Finish What You Started.’

After that rehearsal, Sammy mentioned that they have been playing together since then, which is around 25 years. Furthermore, he didn’t forget to praise the talent of his long-time friend.

Sammy pointed out that even though he loves to play the guitar, it is impossible to be the main guitarist. As Sammy said, you will always be the second guitarist if you have a guy like Vic.

Sammy Hagar wrote:

“Happy birthday to my right-hand man, my left-hand man just plain old main man Vic Johnson. Vic walked into my studio in 1996. Played Rock Candy, Three Lockbox, and “Finish What You Started.

We shook hands and 25 years later we are still rocking together. As much as I love to play guitar, when you got a guy like Vic Johnson on your team you will always be the second guitarist! My brother.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Sammy Hagar – Instagram