The Circle and Chickenfoot star Sammy Hagar took to his official Instagram account today and showed how he fights against a professional arm wrestler with his two daughters: Kama and Samantha.

Sammy has made an arm-wrestling with his family friend to promote his own tequila brand named Santo Mezquila. According to the official web site of it, Santo Mezquila is the world’s first agave blend made from 100% Blue Weber Agave and 100% Espadin Agave.

Despite Sammy could not win the match even with the help of his lovely daughters, he still looks muscled and powerful at the age of 72.

We have to remind that former Van Halen legend joined forces with Adam Levine of Maroon 5 to create Santo Tequila and Santo Mezguila back in 2017. Mezquila is a half tequila and half mezcal, which was created by Adam and Sammy.

Here is what Sammy Hagar wrote about the video:

“Santo arm wrestling championship. When family & friends get together anything can happen!”

Later on, a fan named Jim stated that Sammy could win it by saying:

“Get back to the gym.”

Sammy Hagar responded:

“Yep. Tomorrow morning.”

You can watch that hilarious video right below.