The Circle frontman Sammy Hagar made a huge surprise to his fans at Cabo Wabo but none of them recognized him. Following the incident, he shared these funny moments as a video on his Instagram account.

Sammy Hagar owns a restaurant chain named ‘Cabo Wabo’ which has several branches in Las Vegas, Hollywood, and Mexico. Every year, Sammy also celebrates his birthday in one of these restaurants with an event called ‘Birthday Bash.’ However, this year’s event won’t take place in Cabo Wabo due to the pandemic.

Recently, Sammy stopped by one of his franchises in Las Vegas inside of a van and called out to everybody at the restaurant and invited them to his show. However, the reactions were unexpected. Although Sammy thought that everybody would recognize him immediately after seeing him, unfortunately, almost nobody in the restaurant recognized him and responded to his call.

Sharing these moments in an Instagram video, the Red Rocker stated that he can’t believe that no one at his restaurant actually thought it was really him. Moreover, he said that he doesn’t really know what really happened there in the end.

As seen in the video, Sammy Hagar called out the people in his restaurant:

“You guys ready for tomorrow night? Listen up. Tomorrow night, we are playing right there, all right?”

Sammy then wrote in the Instagram post that:

“I can’t believe no one at my own restaurant thought it was me. I don’t know what the fuck really happened.”

You can check out the video below.