The beautiful daughter of former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar, Kama Hagar has announced her latest blog post, in which she gives quite beneficial tips to find calm in this global chaos, and Sammy popped up in the comment section, teasing Kama about the outfit she wears in her latest photo.

The certified holistic wellness coach and an inspiring blogger, Kama Hagar, has been highly active on social media and her website, teaching how to use nature’s healing energy and power to survive from the global crisis, in terms of health and economy especially.

In her most recent Instagram post, Kama Hagar has displayed her gorgeous look captured when she posed in front of a big tree with a matching outfit. In the caption of her post, Kama said that there are three ways to deal with the mess of the world; look for lessons, take nothing for granted, and practice acceptance.

Along with a big part of her followers, the proud father of Kama, Sammy Hagar, has immediately appeared in the comments to express his admiration to his daughter while teasing her a little bit. Sammy has praised the style of Kama but also said that he hopes his daughter is not trying to fit in with the background.

Sammy Hagar has ended up his message by admitting the fact that he loves the wise words of Kama Hagar in her blog and social media posts so much. In addition to her father, Kama’s dedicated followers have indicated the amazing mind and soul of Kama that shines through her words.

Here’s what Kama Hagar said in her recent Instagram post:

“3 tips to find calm in this chaos 🌪:

1. Look for lessons 🔭
2. Take nothing for granted 🤗
3. Practice acceptance 🤲🏽

Read my latest blog to learn how to implicate each into your life this week. Sending you peace, love, and hope. ✌🏼”

Sammy Hagar responded as:

“What a fashion statement but that is my dear. I hope you’re not trying to fit in with the background. 😂😂😘 Love your words.”

You can see the post below.