In an interview with ‘Mark & Neanderpaul,’ ex-Van Halen singer and the current member of The Circle, Sammy Hagar talked about the time he found out his former bandmate Eddie Van Halen wasn’t doing well and unveiled how they reconnected years later.

As you may know, the renowned lead guitarist and the co-founder of Van Halen, Eddie passed away on October 6, 2020, following his long battle with cancer. His son Wolfgang Van Halen announced the death of his father with a heartbreaking statement on social media.

Recently, Eddie Van Halen’s former bandmate Sammy Hagar joined a conversation with ‘Mark & Neanderpaul‘ and shared the details of how he found out Eddie was on his deathbed. Apparently, a mutual friend of them, George Lopez, reached out to Sammy and wanted him to call Eddie since he wasn’t doing so well.

As he stated in the interview when he heard that his ex-bandmate was on his deathbed, Hagar reconnected with Eddie and the two Van Halen icons started talking weekly via texts and phone calls.

Here’s how Sammy Hagar realized Eddie was not doing so good and decided to reach out to him:

“A mutual friend of ours, George Lopez, who’s a comedian, called me and said, ‘Sam, you’ve gotta call Ed. He’s not doing good. And he loves you. You guys have to do something.’

George was looking to try to put the band back together and all that. So I said, ‘Oh, man. Are you kidding me? I went through his brother. I tried to go through everybody. Tell Eddie I hope he’s doing well. I’d love to speak with him, come and see him, whatever.'”

Sammy also revealed how much Eddie was proud of his son, Wolfgang Van Halen, who had been working on his solo album by stating:

“So all of a sudden, George says, ‘Here’s his phone number. Call him.’ I picked up the phone, and we were texting and talking almost weekly — I would say, honestly, weekly since the beginning of the year. And it was nothing but a love fest.

He was talking about how great Wolfie is doing with his new record. He sent me some music long before it came out.”

Furthermore, Hagar stated that he was so glad to be able to spend some time with his dear friend a little more before his devastating death and continued:

“If that wouldn’t have happened, I would be devastated much worse than I already am. It was horrible news. There’s never a good time to hear news like that when a loved one passes. It was tough to deal with, but, honestly, the music is what pulled me through.”

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