Former Van Halen frontman and the current member of The Circle, Sammy Hagar, was recently interviewed by AXL TV’s Katie Daryl and shared the secrets behind the band’s recently released album named ‘Lockdown 2020.’

As you may already know, Sammy Hagar’s side band named The Circle has released a new album named ‘Lockdown 2020’ and broke their a year of silence with the album that features eleven new tracks recorded virtually during the band’s popular lockdown sessions which began during the coronavirus outbreak.

In his latest interview, Sammy Hagar was asked how did they pick the tracks of the album. According to Sammy, after picking a few tracks, every single member of the band has chosen a track to pick for the album.

AXL TV’s Katie Dary asked:

“The latest single is ‘Heroes.’ It’s Sammy Hagar and The Circle. The new album is a collection of the songs that you’ve done during the pandemic. There were eleven songs total. How did you curate and decide which songs to cover?

Because there are so many good ones and with four great people in the band. I’m sure there are sometimes where you guys were like, ‘no it’s my turn to pick the song.’”

Sammy Hagar responded back:

“You got that right. So after I picked the first few, everybody said, ‘Hey man, I wanna pick one too.’ So being in a band, we just said, ‘Okay Mikey it’s your turn’ and ‘Hey Jason it’s your turn,’ and ‘Vic it’s your turn.’ So we kind of took turns but we all really did agree. I was never like, ‘Oh god, oh well, okay we’ll do it because you wanna do it.’

We never had the thing, The Circle we get along so good. We love music and The Circle’s put together as a live band to go out and play the songs from all of our catalogs, you know, from Van Halen, from early Sammy, Montrose, Chickenfoot, Led Zeppelin.”

You can check out the whole interview below.

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