Former Van Halen singer and The Circle frontman, Sammy Hagar, shared footage from his classical video clip ‘VOA’ on his official Instagram page revealing whether he used stunt double while filming it.

You might know that ‘VOA’ is the second single and eighth studio album of The Red Rocker, and it was the last album of Sammy before joining Van Halen in 1985. All tracks of the album were written by Sammy and released by Geffen Records a year before joining Van Halen.

While the album peaked to #32 spot in Billboard 200 List in the same year it’s released, it’s mostly known as one of the most interesting video clips of Sammy’s career. The video was directed by Gil Bettman and during the five-minute-long clip, Sammy is fighting and being chased by police officers after his traffic violations.

Today, Sammy recalled the music video by sharing short footage from it admitting the uniform made it easier to act while filming. After sharing the post, his long-time friend and also bandmate from The Circle, Michael Anthony, commented on the post and asked who was his stunt double in the video clip. Despite Sammy joked saying he does not need any stuntman, it’s widely known that Sammy used a stunt double to film dangerous scenes.

Here is the caption of what Sammy shared:

“I always dreaded making videos. The acting felt so uncomfortable to me. But in this case, the uniform’s made it easier to play a role haha!”

Michael Anthony commented and asked:

“Who was your stunt double?”

Sammy responded saying:

“Why I ought to?

Mikey in those days I didn’t need a stunt double. 👊”

You can watch the video Sammy shared on his latest Instagram post below.