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Former Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar‘s lovely daughter Kama Hagar posted a picture of herself on Instagram and shared some tips about how to relax using the power of nature.

Van Halen star Sammy Hagar has two daughters, Kama and Samantha from his ongoing marriage with Kari Hagar. Sammy’s oldest daughter Kama Hagar has dedicated most of her life to mindfulness and wellness.

Furthermore, she is the creator of an eco-luxury skincare brand named ‘Mukama Botanica.’ Kama has been using her social media accounts to enlighten people about mindfulness and to teach them how to relax in difficult situations.

On a recent Instagram post, she shared a photo of herself and gave some recommendations about how to relax using the power of nature. On the caption of the post, Kama wrote about the potential of nature and Japanese practice of relaxation named ‘Shinrin-yoku‘:

In Hawaiian Healing there is a philosophy: like heals like. Apply that to humanity and nature and you will find it makes perfect sense: we are of nature – we breathe the air, we eat the plants, we drink the water and we warm by the fire. We are nature, so nature heals us.

Shinrin-yoku (aka Forest Bathing) is a Japanese practice of relaxation through the immersion of nature. It brings one out of the material world, into our natural habitat. You don’t need a forest! You just need real nature. In this week’s blog, I show you how to do it wherever you are. Heal 🌲🌳🌵🌴”

See the photo Kama Hagar posted on her Instagram account below.