Photo Credit: Kama Hagar - Facebook

Former Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar‘s daughter Kama Hagar posted a no make-up picture of herself on her Instagram account and made a sincere confession about the biggest realization of her life.

Van Halen icon Sammy Hagar’s daughter from his ongoing marriage with Kari Hagar, Kama has dedicated most of her life to mindfulness and wellness. Kama also has her own eco-luxury skincare brand named ‘Mukama Botanica.’

Kama Hagar has been mastering her skills in reiki, meditation, and yoga for a long time. She often posts her picture taken during meditation or hiking and writes long statements about her thoughts or feelings.

Kama has recently posted a picture of herself closing her eyes and taking a deep breath near to the ocean. She also wrote a sincere statement about the ‘biggest realization‘ of her life during these self-quarantine days.

Here’s what Kama Hagar wrote on the caption of her Instagram post:

I had the biggest realization I’ve ever had in my life during this quarantine.
As I kid, I couldn’t bare to be away from my parents. As a teen, I couldn’t have sleepovers and I transferred all my attachment to my boyfriend. As a young adult, I worked tirelessly to let it all go, but it crept up in ways I didn’t even know it could.

The separation anxiety I developed in early life really was a deep fear of abandonment.

It wasn’t until last month that I realized I was still battling with it. It wasn’t until I looked deep, deep within that I found my fear of abandonment had been self-perpetuated by the biggest plot twist I have ever experienced: I abandoned myself.
I wrote one of my most vulnerable blogs on self-abandonment. I hope it helps you too.

You can see Kama Hagar’s picture on Instagram below and click here for the source.

Photo Credit: Kama Hagar – Instagram