Former Van Halen vocalist Sammy Hagar’s daughter and blogger, Kama Hagar, revealed why she had a stomach pain recently by sharing a new post on her official Instagram account.

In the caption, Kama mentioned how bad she was after she experienced stomach pain and revealed the reason that might surprise you. Kama said that she ate a lot of cake in the middle of the night.

Furthermore, Kama wanted to take a lesson from this pain and explained why you should think more before binge while showing herself as an example. In this way, Kama proved that she is a kind-hearted person who wants to teach everything about life to her followers.

Even though she had really tough pain, she was looking so pretty in the selfie with simple makeup on her face. Also, she was wearing a beige top that suits her body, and her hair was glowing as her perfect skin.

Here is what Kama Hagar said:

“Lesson time;

I’d like to announce that I woke up with stomach pains that took me down because of all the cake I ate. Think before you binge, my friends.”

You can check out the post below.

Photo Credit: Kama Hagar – Instagram