Former Van Halen singer and The Circle’s frontman Sammy Hagar‘s daughter, Kama Hagar recently posted a photo on her Instagram account which received a lot of comments, some of them considering her resemblance to her father but Kama seems to disagree.

As you may know, Sammy Hagar is married to Kari Hagar and they have two daughters, Kama and Samantha. Kama is the founder of an eco-luxury skincare brand and she enjoys posting photos both about her business and her approach to life.

Since Kama is a certified holistic wellness coach, she finds it important to share well-being tips with her followers, just like she did in her recent Instagram post. She posted a photo with an adorable little puppy and gave advice on the texts people can send to their loved ones to check on them.

Her photo received numerous comments and some of them were about her resemblance to Sammy Hagar. Kama responded to these comments by saying ‘oh no‘ and laughing. She also tagged Sammy Hagar in her responses to make sure that her father sees these comments.

Sammy also commented on his daughter’s adorable photo with the puppy. Even though fans were expecting to see what Sammy had to say about his resemblance to Kama, Sammy just said ‘Oh my God not another cute dog.’

You can see what Kama wrote in the caption of her Instagram post below:

“Here are some texts you can send to check-in and show your people you’re there for them:

1. I just want you to know that your feelings are valid. I hear you, see you, feel you, and can only imagine what you’re going through.

2. I am here for you.

3. Make sure you feel your feels. They are important. As are you.

4. If you ever need help with this, I’d love to support you. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

5. I love you.

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P.S. Mollie Macarthy-Openshaw’s little fur baby made the pic-cut because look at her”

Here is what one of her followers said in the comment section:

You look so much like your dad.”

To which Kama responded:

“Oh noooooo! [Tagged] Sammy Hagar.”

Here’s what another follower said:

Much prettier than your dad!”

Kama responded with:


Here is what Sammy Hagar commented on his daughter’s photo:

“Oh my God, not another cute dog.”

Check out the photo that Kama posted on her Instagram account below.