Sammy Hagar, also known as The Red Rocker, shared a comment asking for a cute detail under her daughter Kama Hagar’s latest post on her official Instagram page in which she gathered meditation tips for the holidays.

As you may know, Kama Hagar is a wellness coach therefore her official Instagram page is full of inspirational posts, her stunning yoga poses and instructions, and tips for self-restoration which her fans cannot get enough of.

Recently, Kama Hagar shared an informative post on her official Instagram page and revealed her meditation tips for the holidays. Hagar suggested her followers use a positive affirmation, practice gratitude, and gaze at something in the natural world.

As she gave some tips to stay in a positive mood during the holiday season, Kama also shared a picture of herself while she was lying on a sofa with a white blanket and a cute little dog on her. Apparently, the adorable dog, named Pici, healed her after she fell on her butt.

Here is what Kama Hagar suggested her followers do to remain positive:

6 meditation tips for the holidays:

1. Use a positive affirmation
2. Try some sama vritti
3. Practice gratitude
4. Body scan
5. Gaze at something in the natural world
6. Feel to heal

I’ve been practicing #6 a lot. Also, this is a picture of me after falling straight on my butt on a sheet of pure rock and getting healed by Pici”

Moreover, her father, Sammy Hagar, shared a comment under Kama’s post and asked questions about the adorable dog behind her with a whimsical attitude. Kama replied to her father and stated that Pici is her boyfriend Nick’s mother’s dog.

Here is what Sammy Hagar wrote in his comment:

“Hey is that little man sitting here behind you🧐❤️”

Here’s how Kama replied to her father:

“haha, it’s Nick’s mom’s!”

You can see the Instagram post below.