Sammy Hagar, the ex-frontman of Van Halen and the current member of The Circle, has revealed that he is already on the hunt for a new place to make a party after the coronavirus ceases.

Known with his joyful lifestyle and energetic personality, Sammy Hagar has disclosed his desire for a beach party, which he has begun to make plans about. He took a video of the place he discovered in southern California and announced that he is looking for a new and improved beach party location.

The majority of his fans commented about the party, which Hagar has in mind for the next years, and the place he showed by stating his adoration. The followers of Sammy said that they cannot wait for the upcoming party and liked the location, The Banning House, he took the video in.

Some of his fans also suggested similar locations such as Two Harbors or Stinson Beach for an intimate and legendary party and many of them amazed how Sammy can be that energic even at the age of 73.

Here is what Sammy Hagar said in his latest Instagram post:

In search of the new and improved beach party location.”

A fan, whose name is Teri, commented as:

“Omg Mike and I stayed there – the Banning House right? – great place in the not so populated side right?”

Sammy replied as:

“Banning brothers brought this first.”

Another fan, whose name is Mike, said in his comment:

“You should have a small acoustic beach party at Stinson Beach for us old NorCal classic rockers. Lol just dreaming.”

Sammy replied as:

“Good idea.”

You can see the post below.