Former Van Halen frontman and the current member of The Circle, Sammy Hagar performed with his band as a part of his annual birthday bash, however, some fans complained about the technical errors that happened during the show.

As you may know, ex-Van Halen star Sammy Hagar has been conducting various businesses including his restaurant in Mexico and his tequila brand named ‘Santo Spirit.’ The 73-year-old rock icon has also been working on his projects with his band, The Circle, which was formed by Hagar, original Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony, drummer Jason Bonham, and guitarist Vic Johnson.

For the last couple of weeks, Sammy Hagar and his band The Circle have been getting ready for a special show in honor of his 73rd birthday. However, for this year’s performance for Hagar’s annual birthday bash, the iconic singer had to make some last-minute alterations. Sammy had to move the party to Catalina Island in California due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Additionally, Sammy’s birthday party was professionally filmed and become available for those interested as a pay-per-view stream on October 17, 2020, via

Recently on Instagram, Sammy Hagar posted a video of himself and his wife Kari Hagar while watching the video of his birthday bash once again. As you will see in the video below, Sammy urges his fans to watch the video again and again since he had so much fun while performing on this special day.

Here’s what Sammy Hagar stated on the caption of his post:

“I so much love this whole experience. We will do it again and again Catalina rocked!!!”

However, in the comment section of his post, a fan named Ryan Gianni expressed his complaints about the technical errors the viewers had to deal with while watching the stream via and claimed Sammy always had these sorts of problems during his performances.

Here’s what Gianni wrote:

“Love you Sam, but was a bunch of BS to state it lightly. I couldn’t get it to start for 30 minutes. I had 3, 5-minute glitches that just stopped the stream. Customer service was of no help.

I’ll be having my cc chargeback this crap. You seem to always have issues of some sort. This isn’t the first.”

As a response to the fan’s claims, Hagar stated that he had some problems rewatching the stream, yet he claimed they were not that big of an issue. Sammy also added that he didn’t have any control over the issues the fan mentioned, but he wished that the fan could experience the show one day in person.

Here’s how Sammy Hagar replied:

“Yep, there were a few people that had problems. I had a couple myself not too bad. Sorry about what happened to you.

I don’t have control over any of that, I only have control or what I do on stage and it was awesome. I really hope you can see the show someday because it was special.🤙🥂”

You can watch the video Sammy Hagar posted on his Instagram account below.