Steel Panther’s Satchel talked about the possible new bass guitarist they may hire during a recent appearance on The 2020’s Podcast.

In July 2021, Steel Panther announced that they mutually parted ways with their long-time bass guitarist, Lexxi Foxx, and sent a farewell message to their friend. In the statement, the band revealed that Lexxi wanted to take care of his new business instead.

In the conversation, Satchel pointed out that they have been auditioning lots of bass guitarists since Lexxi’s departure and stated that they will take their time to find the best replacement for the iconic bassist.

While saying that all the bass guitar parts have already been recorded for the new project, Satchel also mentioned that they are looking for someone who looks cool and is a good performer on the stage.

Furthermore, Satchel revealed that he is an open-minded person, allowing everybody to attend the audition. As the guitarist said, they already have over 400 submissions for the audition.

Satchel on the replacement of Lexxi Foxx:

“Obviously, we need somebody who looks cool because all of his bass parts are already recorded.

As I said, I’m open-minded to anybody who wants to audition. I think that’s one cool thing that we’re doing is letting anybody submit.

Anybody who thinks they have what it takes to be in the band can submit, and I think we’ve gotten probably over 400 submissions already. That doesn’t mean they’re all good.”

You can listen to the conversation below.