The famous poet Scarlett Sabet who’s also known for her relationship with Led Zeppelin’s founder Jimmy Page recently posted a photo on her Instagram stories and recalled the day she attended a historic Exhibition Opening at The Met Museum with her partner, who was about to make history.

As you know, Scarlett Sabet and Jimmy Page have been together for almost seven years and the couple even collaborated in the making of Sabet’s spoken word album ‘Catalyst‘ which was released in 2019. Having been together for such a long time also means that they had the chance to be there for each other for the important moments.

With her recent story, Sabet recalled April 1, 2019, when she attended the Opening of the Play It Loud Exhibition with Jimmy Page at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This was the first major exhibition in an art museum which was dedicated to instruments, costumes, and other memorabilia of rock and roll dating from 1939 to 2017.

One of the exhibited pieces was Page’s dragon-embroidered costume which took over a year to complete and Page started using in 1975. Sabet recalled that night by saying that it was an incredible evening during which ‘Jimmy [was] making history, again.’ She remembered feeling very excited and happy to see such a beautiful exhibition and to be a part of that event.

Here’s what Scarlett Sabet said in the caption of her post:

“A year ago today, walking into the Met Museum for Play It Loud. Jimmy making history, again. 💥

One of my favorite photos by Nina Westervelt. I remember vaguely a flash as we walked in, it was an incredible evening, surreal. At the end, I remember thinking it was a shame we hadn’t got a picture together all dressed up, and immortalized such a special evening. The next day I saw this photo by Nina Westervelt. It really captures the energy and excitement of walking into the exhibition.”

You can check out the photo that Scarlett Sabet posted on her Instagram account below and click here to have a look at Jimmy Page’s dragon embroidered costume.

Photo Credit: Scarlett Sabet – Instagram