During a recent conversation with the RRBG Podcast, Scorpions’ drummer Mikkey Dee talked about the band’s progress considering the recording of their upcoming album and expressed his anger considering the ambiguity surrounding the future of live performances and said that you ‘can’t keep the world shut down anymore.’ 

As you know, Mikkey Dee has been the drummer of Scorpions since 2016, which was when he was hired to fill in for James Kottak and was then announced as a permanent member. Dee has recorded only three tracks with the band which were featured in ‘Born to Touch Your Feelings: Best of Rock Ballads,’ the band’s compilation album released in 2017.

During an interview, the band’s frontman Klaus Meine had signaled that they might release a new album in 2020, but the recording was apparently postponed after the outbreak of COVID-19. In the summer of 2020, the Scorpions announced that they are back at the Peppermint Park Studios in Germany to resume their work on their nineteenth studio album.

During his recent interview, Mikkey Dee revealed that they have indeed been working very hard since early fall and that they have now started mixing the songs. He assured their fans that ‘it’s gonna be a great record’ and that they’re really excited for its release. However, there’s one thing that really gets on their nerves, and that’s COVID-19.

Dee said that it’s impossible to foresee when they’ll be able to tour again but ‘can only hope.’ However, he added that he’s done speculating because his hopes get crushed every time he gets a ‘little stream of hope.’ Nonetheless, he went on to say that he’s hopeful that they’ll be back on stage soon as he doesn’t believe that ‘you can keep the world shut down anymore.’

Here’s what Mikkey Dee said during the interview:

“We’re working very hard here, wrapping up the recordings of the record. And we are at the beginning of mixing; we started mixing the songs. We’ve been working since early fall on this album. It’s gonna be a great record. It’s all recorded live in the studio. And it’s a good vibe. It’s a harder record and great songs. So it’s gonna be great to get this one released.”

This is what he said considering when they’ll get to tour again:

“It’s impossible [to predict when we will be able to tour again]; you can only hope. I’m done speculating in this shit because once you get a little bit of a stream of hope, it’s been shut down immediately. One day you hear this; the next day, you hear a completely opposite thing. All this fucking second wave [of COVID-19] and third wave.

Now they’re talking about a fourth wave. And there are mutations from every fucking country in the world. If we’re gonna continue adapting after that, we’re talking 15 years. So, I don’t know. But I’m hopeful, and, yeah, I’m positive that we’re gonna have to get back out there soon. Because no matter what happens, I don’t think you can keep the world shut down anymore. It’s just the end.”

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