Mikkey Dee, the former member of Motörhead and the current drummer of Scorpions, revealed the fact that he went to the hospital to receive treatment about his back and neck issues.

The major health problems have been keep affecting the legendary drummer for some time now. As you may recall, Dee was diagnosed with the coronavirus when the illness first broke out globally. He was sick for about one month and fully recovered since mid-April. Mikkey lost 15 pounds during the process.

As he has begun to feel better, some other problems prevented him from his daily routine and musical works this time. Mikkey Dee has spent much of his time in the studio rehearsing and producing new music for Scorpions.

He has been showing his little studio and talking about what he is doing frequently on Instagram till his sicknesses disturb him enough to see a doctor. Recently, Mikkey Dee revealed that he went to see Tommy Tingets at Tingets Idrottsskador & Osteopati for his back and neck. Dee thanked his doctor for the treatment and happily announced that he is ready for the next work session in the studio.

Here is what Mikkey Dee said in his recent Instagram post:

Thanks Tommy Tingets at Tingets Idrottsskador & Osteopati, Elite Park, for fixing my back and neck. Now I’m ready for the next work session in the studio.”

You can see the post below.