Former Motorhead member and current Scorpions drummer, Mikkey Dee, made a recent interview with ‘No Fuckin’ Regrets‘ of Robb Flynn and talked about the early records with King Diamond as well as hanging out with the late legend Lemmy Kilmister.

As you may already know, Lemmy was one of the most legendary British musicians of the century. He is best known as the founder and frontman of Motörhead and released more than 20 studio albums with the iconic heavy metal band. Unfortunately, Lemmy passed away from cardiac arrhythmia and congestive heart failure at the age of 70, just after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

In his latest interview with NFR Podcast, Motörhead’s legendary drummer Mikkey Dee remembers his old-time friend Lemmy and admitted that he would explode while he could not be on stage during the coronavirus outbreak. He also thinks that Lemmy had a fantastic life on his own terms and that’s why he died at the right time for him to die.

Here is what Mikkey said:

“Knowing Lemmy and how he was, and the life that he lived was just amazing. He lived on his own terms for 70 years, who can do that?

He told me when he turned 50, when we Metallica came down at the Whiskey, he was so happy about that, and we had an amazing evening that night. And he told me, ‘If I fucking die tomorrow, I’d die a happy man. I don’t regret a thing.’ And he got 20 of his probably best years in his life following his 50th birthday, so I think about that.

I’ve always said I’d rather celebrate his life than mourn his death because he got 70 years of a fantastic life, that’s what I think about sometimes. Another point is that he might’ve lived on for 10-15 more years or so, and if he couldn’t play, that’s like cutting the wings of an American eagle. Take an eagle from the Rocky Mountains, cut the wings off, and put it in the cage, how good is that?”

He continued:

“Lemmy would have exploded if he couldn’t be on stage, so I think in those terms that maybe his passing was the time for him to pass. If he couldn’t play any longer, that wouldn’t have been nice at all, and he lived 70 years of a fantastic life on his own terms, nobody else decided anything over him.

No one bossed him around, I’ll tell you that. I gave it a couple of shots, but it didn’t work out. [Laughs] I gave up.”

You can watch the whole interview below.

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