Scorpions’ drummer Mikkey Dee recently posted a video on his Twitter account and revealed that he has traveled to Germany to finish up recording the band’s upcoming nineteenth studio album and said that they have been working really hard and that theyre almost done.’

Mikkey Dee has been Scorpions’ drummer since 2016 when he was first hired to fill in for James Kottak but then became a permanent member. Fans have highly appreciated his career with Scorpions, but he hasn’t recorded more than three tracks with the band which were in ‘Born to Touch Your Feelings: Best of Rock Ballads’ which was the band’s compilation album released in 2017.

Thus, both fans and Mikkey Dee have been really excited about the band’s upcoming album. In Spring 2019, Klaus Meine had insinuated that they might be releasing a new album in 2020 but the recording was apparently postponed due to the spread of COVID-19. However, they did release a song ‘Sign of Hope‘ in April 2020 which was inspired by the pandemic and it seems like recording that song encouraged them to get back to the studio.

In July 2020, the band had announced that they have gotten back to Peppermint Park Studios in Germany to continue working on the nineteenth studio album. This album will mark the longest come-back in Scorpions’ career as they released their last studio album ‘Return to Forever‘ back in 2015, over half a decade ago.

In the video that he posted, Mikkey Dee said that he has just arrived in Germany where he needs to quarantine for a week, but that after that he’ll go straight to the studio to finish off the album. He excitedly said that they’re almost done and that they have been working really hard on their new record. Although there are some things that Dee needs to record, it seems like the record will be released this year.

Here’s what Mikkey Dee said in the video:

“We are gonna finish up the album, and we’re working really hard on that, and its coming together were almost done. The other guys have been working while I’ve been in Sweden of course, but there are still a few more things to do on the drums.”

You can check out Mikkey Dee’s tweet below. While waiting for the album, you can listen to Scorpions’ latest song ‘Sign of Hope‘ below.