Scorpions’ frontman Klaus Meine recently joined AXS TV for an interview during which he talked about the physical challenges they will probably face when they return to the stages.

On July 25, 2020, Scorpions entered the studio to continue working on their nineteenth studio album. However, they did the initial sessions remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic and the restrictions. The band then decided not to work with their producer Greg Fidelman, and the album’s progress was affected by these factors.

On September 29, 2021, Scorpions announced that the album’s title would be ‘Rock Believer’ and scheduled the album to drop on February 25. After announcing the release date, the band also excited their fans by revealing that they would support the record with a European tour. Now, Scorpions have an upcoming Las Vegas residency called ‘Sin City Nights,’ which will take place between March and April. However, the last time Scorpions were on the stage was in 2016 when they played a Las Vegas mini-residency consisting of five shows.

In the interview with AXS TV, Klaus Meine talked about the challenges of returning to the stage after such a long break. Meine stated that it’s quite a physical challenge for them as they have been away from the stage for a long time. Saying they never took such a long break before, the musician stated it will possibly be hard for them, especially for him as he is the singer. According to Meine, they will need to prepare themselves.

During the conversation, Klaus Meine said the following about Scorpions’ return:

“It’s not hard on the body after 50 years; it’s harder on the body after two years’ break. We never had a long break like this, and we know it’s quite a challenge to go back on the same level playing shows as we used to.

It’s two years ago by the time we will be back on the road, and this is something you have to work your body back to this level. Especially for me being the singer, you have to get those little pipes ready to rock and ready to roll, and it’s impossible to do it from one day to the other. You have to prepare yourself. And it goes for the whole band.”

You can watch the rest of the interview below.