Scorpions frontman Klaus Meine talked about the effect of the coronavirus outbreak on their records during a recent appearance on Scorpions Brazil.

As you might remember, Scorpions has been working on new materials for the past year, and the drummer of the band Mikkey Dee also revealed in March that their new album is almost finished.

However, the singer of the band revealed that the album could have been released much earlier than it will be right now and said that the coronavirus outbreak affected their plans and schedule pretty hard.

Klaus pointed out that their plan was going to the United States around May 2020, and they could finish up the album through the end of the summer. Unfortunately, they had to meet on Zoom due to pandemic and it pushed back the plans of the band.

Here is what Klaus Meine said:

“When we played Los Angeles in 2019, we met with Greg Fidelman. And we came together there, and he liked the idea to produce our next record.

And Greg came to Germany to see us, at Peppermint. Then the pandemic, the way it went over here and over there in the U.S. – it changed all of our plans. Our plan was to go to Los Angeles last year in May and June, spend May and June in the studio, go to Las Vegas, play the shows.”

He continued:

“We even booked a studio in Las Vegas for the off days. And the album would have been pretty much done in August-September.

So that was the plan. But then corona changed everything. And we started with Greg via Zoom. He joined us every other day in the studio – L.A. in the morning, and with Scorpions, it was dinner time over here in Germany. So we worked on the material together, to a certain extent.

Then it was hard, at some point, to continue without him being with us in the studio or without us being in his studio in Los Angeles. So we had to make a decision to have a break that would have lasted way into this year – into spring this year – or to keep going.”

Klaus Meine added:

“And we didn’t want to lose the momentum of the songs for us working in the studio. And so we decided to keep going. Because with Hans-Martin Buff, we had an amazing engineer, and we had a great team around us, working with us.

We had set up a super-great sound together with Greg, so it was all L.A. standard. But it was a plan B to record in Germany instead of Los Angeles. But there was no way out of this since we could not travel to Los Angeles and he could not come over to Germany. So it was difficult.

We’d been working with Greg on all the songs – we went through all the material with him together. But at that point, we felt very strongly that we should continue, that we should move on, and we had the feeling we trust our own people, we trust our own team.

It’s a team effort. If we would have had the feeling we can’t pull this off ourselves, we probably would have stopped. But that means, at this point, in April ’21, we would have never there where we are right now because of the decision to keep going.”

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