Scorpions vocalist Klaus Meine talked with Billboard and revealed his thoughts about the global political situation. He said:

“It’s hard to understand sometimes, It’s all kind of crazy — Brexit with the U.K. and with the U.S.A., and when you see all the news over here coming from America between America and North Korea. It’s frightening. It’s really scary. We just toured America, and you can feel there are a lot of people who have question marks about the future, ‘Where do we go from here?’ It seems it’s unpredictable.

America seemed to be our closest ally all our lives, our friends, and now nobody knows, I mean, it’s almost 30 years ago the Berlin Wall came down, and there’s somebody in the White House now talking about putting new walls up.

It’s hard to understand. When the Berlin Wall came down we thought we were all moving closer together and it was more about one world, a united Europe and the United States working together, coming together, building bridges. With music we always try to build bridges. But now it seems like so much of that is falling apart.

I never thought in my lifetime I would see that. It’s like the clock ticking backwards.

I think as Germans we owe America so much, so they will always be close to our hearts. No question about it. But it’s hard to see how this president is acting. I just hope this change will come again when we are one world on the same side.

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