Scorpions frontman Klaus Maine interviewed by Talking Metal and explained why he considers the coronavirus as a privilege for the musicians while talking about their upcoming album.

In the conversation, Klaus stated that it is really challenging to make new records after five years without making any album and revealed some details about the upcoming album. He said that they are now focusing on the hard songs in this album and showed that they are working really hard to make their fans happy.

Furthermore, Klaus explained why the coronavirus outbreak is such a blessing for them even though it is so hard for the rest of the world by saying that they can go to the studio, work for the songs, and be much more creative. In this way, Klaus proved that they are really lucky to do something in these tough times.

Here is what Klaus Maine said:

“We try to focus on those albums and this attitude. If we get there, who knows — it’s so many years later. But it’s the spirit and it’s the whole vibe around this album. To start with, it’s crazy enough to say, ‘Let’s make a new record.’ It’s quite a challenge after all these years.

While most other artists say, ‘Okay, we put out a couple of songs,’ like the way we did it with  ‘Sign Of Hope’, that’s good enough. But we said, ‘No.’ We go the old-fashioned way and make a whole new album.”

He continued:

“And this time, the focus is on the harder songs. ‘Sign Of Hope’ is like a real short, sweet and nice ballad, just reflecting this moment in time. But the album will be more on the harder edge. Thankfully, we started writing last year already, and we picked it up after the tour this year, and there’s lots and lots of material.

Fortunately, and I’ll tell you, it’s such a privilege and it’s a blessing, in this very, very difficult situation we all go through with the coronavirus, it’s a blessing we can do something. We go into the studio, work on new songs, new material and really take a deep dive into the creative world and create something new. It’s wonderful.”

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