Scorpions drummer and former Motörhead member Mikkey Dee was recently interviewed by ‘Waste Some Time With Jason Green’ this month and recalled how legendary late star Lemmy Kilmister was acting to his bandmates, as well as how he warned him about not using drugs.

As you may already remember his career, Lemmy Kilmister was one of the most iconic British stars of the whole time and he’s best known as the founder of Motörhead. He released more than twenty studio albums with the band and unfortunately, passed away from this world at the age of 70 due to cardiac arrhythmia after being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

In his latest ever interview, Mikkey Dee was asked about Lemmy’s behavior to his friends and bandmates, and he stated that Lemmy stood up for his crew more than any single musician in the business he’s ever met. He also admitted that right after joining the band, Lemmy told him he did not want him to ever drugs and he would fire him if he sees again doing it again.

Her is what Mikkey told:

“He said, ‘Mikkey, the second I see you do drugs, you’re out!’ And then, of course, he was laughing. He thought I was too much anyway, very energetic and I was pushing the guys, and I’m all over the place.

And Lem was a very calm guy. He got to read his book, and have his little whiskey, and peace, and quiet… I was the complete opposite, I was running around like a chicken without a head. He said, ‘You remind me so much when I was younger.’ But he was only 20 years older than me.

But he said, ‘The day you do drugs, it’s not going to work.’ I’d say, ‘You don’t have to worry about that because I never done drugs and I still haven’t done drugs in my entire life.’ So that was good. And he actually had that vision, he said, ‘If you start with drugs today, you’ve got to be the dumbest idiot on the planet because you know exactly where it’s going to go.’

When they started in the ’60s, they had no clue what they were doing, as he said. They were experimenting and a lot of his friends died, and a lot of his friends end up in misery.

So he knew exactly what the deal was and he said, ‘If you’re a kid today and you start doing drugs, absolutely something’s missing in your head.’ Because it’s already known where you’re going to end up.”

You can watch the interview below.

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