Rival Sons guitarist Scott Holiday spoke in an interview with WDHA and explained his thoughts on the idea of “rock is dead”.

He said that “rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t really need saving, people just need to listen to it”. Here’s the statement:

“I think when we started the group, it’s the same way we feel now. It did feel like there was less rock ‘n’ roll happening, and we wanted to contribute something that was in our hearts that was going to be different and needed, and the beast we were – like, this is what we have for people.

It’s not really here that much right now, but it’s never going to die. We always say that rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t really need saving. People just need to listen to it. People need to buy it again.

There’s a lot of rock n’ roll listeners… and we see it not only all over America, but all over Europe. The rock n’ roll audience is out there, so I don’t think it needs saving – it just needs bands to make good rock ‘n’ roll, and people to buy it and listen to it and go watch it.”

Rival Sons vocalist Jay Buchanan added:

“We’re waiting for other bands to keep stepping up, and we’re in a really unique spot right now where other bands are stepping up, and I think rock ‘n’ roll is climbing out of the outer city limits and the gutters, and I think it’s a natural progression of the crazy-ass times that we’re in right now.

People are conflicted, and there’s a lot of extremes, and I think that’s typically when rock n’ roll really steps in…

I think that you’re watching the groundswell, you’re watching the whole wave come in right now. I still think we’re about a year to a year-and-a-half of the apex of it really taking hold.”

You can watch the entire interview from below.