In a recent Instagram post, Anthrax rhythm guitarist Scott Ian shared a photo of him and Metallica’s Lars Ulrich. Ian celebrated Ulrich’s birthday by recalling their old memories together and also revealed Ulrich’s musical influences at the time.

It is known that the two pioneers of thrash metal, Anthrax, and Metallica were hanging out together in their early days. Thus, the two bands’ members have known each other for a long time. In the post he recently shared, Anthrax’s Scott Ian referred to these times and gave some unknown details about their time together.

Scott Ian shared a photo of him and Lars Ulrich which was taken in their early 20s. Ian revealed that they would talk about how much they loved Van Halen’s 1984 album. Ian addressed that their photo was taken in Metallica’s flat in London where they had to stay after the band’s UK tour was canceled due to lack of ticket sales.

The Anthrax guitarist then explained that he was also in London at that time, and Metallica members convinced him to stay with them for a few weeks. Scott Ian also recalled that his arrest with Cliff Burton due to a suspicion of having drugs also happened around this time. Through the end of his post, Ian wished a happy birthday to Lars Ulrich and also pointed out his Diamond Head sweatshirt by hoping that he still has it.

Scott Ian’s Instagram post read:

“Two 20-year-old kids on the Tennent’s and Special Brew probably talking about how much we loved Van Halen’s 1984. This pic was taken in March of 1984 at a flat in London that Metallica was staying in. They’d left the studio in Denmark (they were recording Ride The Lightning) to come to the UK for the Hell On Earth tour with The Rods and Exciter but the tour was canceled due to a lack of ticket sales!

Metallica couldn’t go right back to Denmark as the studio had been booked for the time they’d be in the UK. The label, Music For Nations got them a flat and set up some press as well as their first show in the UK at the Marquee. I was in London to do some promo for the just-released Fistful Of Metal.

I was only supposed to be in town a few days, but when my hospitable friend Metallica got the flat they ‘twisted my arm’ to crash with them for a week or two – we got up to some awesome shit. And yes, it was during this shenanigans-filled time that Cliff and I got arrested, but I digress. The point of this post is to say happy birthday Lars! I hope you’re having a great holiday my friend and I also hope you still have that Diamond Head sweatshirt! Cheers!”

You can also see the photo he posted below.

Photo Credit: Scott Ian – Instagram