Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian took his official Instagram account to share a new post and made a new announcement about the upcoming events.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most of the bands forced to postpone their shows and tours because of the safety precautions. However, Anthrax seems like found a new way to meet with the audience once again.

Anthrax’s 40th anniversary will be on July 18, and the band is planning to make a huge event to celebrate this special day, which is a spectacular worldwide live-streaming event.

While Scott was saying that the band is going for a big finale in the caption, it could also mean that they could release the long-awaited album in the near future because Scott mentioned earlier that he doesn’t like to idea of releasing a record without playing it live.

Here is what Scott Ian wrote:

“The countdown to July 18, the 40th-anniversary of thrash/metal legends Anthrax, is well underway and heading towards the big finale.

A special worldwide Livestream event, presented by Danny Wimmer Presents and originating from Los Angeles, will kick off in North America on Friday, July 16, beginning at 4 PM PT and 7 PM ET, and in the UK on Saturday, July 17, starting at Midnight BST.”

The band members also talked about how hard it was to change the music style of the band with the Sound Of White Noise as well as revealing the dynamics of the band in the 12-minutes long video.