Anthrax and Motor Sister star Scott Ian has posted a couple of new photos on his official Instagram account today and revealed that they will finish recording their upcoming album tomorrow.

Motor Sister is a supergroup that was founded by Scott Ian himself alongside vocalist/guitarist Jim Wilson, bassist Joey Vera, drummer John Tempesta, and his brother Pearl Tempesta.

The band has released their debut album named ‘RIDE’ back in 2015 and they were silent since then. According to the recently shared post of Scott Ian, they have started to record their new album just two days after the coronavirus quarantine has started. Due to the outbreak, Motor Sister had to delay the recording process, and tomorrow they will finish recording it. The album has been produced by Scott Ian himself as well as the debut album of the band.

After sharing the post, almost 10K people showed their eagerness by clicking the like button including the official Instagram page of Motor Sister. Scott Ian also did not forget to write a hashtag ‘patience’ and also tagged Jackson Guitars and Gibson at the and of the caption of the photos.

Here is what Scott Ian wrote:

“A year ago tonight I was hanging with these dudes at Studio 606 to start recording the new Motor Sister album. Two days later quarantine started.

So we stopped for a year and are finally finishing the album tomorrow.”

Click here for the post and check out the latest ever video clip of Motor Sister below.