Scott Ian, the guitarist and additional lead vocalist of Anthrax, has explained what does the most satisfy him about being in the experimental supergroup, Mr. Bungle, after taking over the thrash metal scene with Anthrax nearly thirty years ago.

During the recent interview he gave on the Full Metal Jackie, Scott Ian, who is best known as the rhythm guitarist, backing and additional lead vocalist, and the only original remaining member of Anthrax has talked about his experience with Mr. Bungle, playing with them for seven reunion shows in 2020.

Ian compared the two phenomenal bands he took part in and said that Mr. Bungle definitely brings him back to the early period of Anthrax. Calling those years the genesis of what was to become the thrash metal scene, the great guitarist admitted that Mr. Bungle gives the exact feeling to him of that time and place mentally and physically.

He said that he remembers being in a room with his band, Anthrax, and writing what was to become a major inspiration for decades when he plays with Mr. Bungle.

Ian also revealed that he feels like following the same routine 34 years later and opening a time capsule, which is the coolest thing about being in Mr. Bungle. Ian described himself as a man who found this thrash metal record from 1986 that nobody has ever heard and got to be part of it.

Here’s what was asked to Scott Ian about Anthrax and Mr. Bungle:

“Although you’re primarily known for Anthrax, also been involved with other bands playing various styles of heavy music, what’s musically satifying about playing with Mr. Bungle?”

Scott Ian responded as:

“It definitely brings me back to that time. This is music that was all written at that time for me. The ’85 and ’86. It’s a genesis of what was to become the thrash metal scene. It really puts me back into that time and places mentally and physically.

Just remembering being in a room with my band Anthrax and writing what was to become inspiring the disease at the same time. Like when they were writing this stuff and writing the record in 1985.

It really puts me back in that time and place because all of that, aggression and all of the riffing, it’s from then. We are doing it 34 years later, which is to me the coolest thing about it, it’s like I opened the time capsule that I found.

And I found this thrash metal record from 1986 that nobody has ever heard and I get to be part of it, Mr. Bungle. So it’s the whole thing, everything about it is amazing for me. The whole experience’s just incredible.”

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