Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian spoke in an interview with Sam Roberts and Dan Soder of SiriusXM‘s “Jim And Sam Show” and revealed how he was break into Kirk Hammett‘s home after an Anthrax show in San Francisco. He said:

“There was one story in the book, it’s called ‘The Wrath Of Kirk’ where myself and some of the other guys in Anthrax and some of the members of Metallica, really late night in San Francisco one night after an Anthrax show, we had gone out to the strip clubs and the whole thing.

It’s now 2:30 in the morning and we were all pretty tanked and were looking for a way to play music and realized ‘Kirk lives in the city.’ He had already left. He had some personal issues to deal with at home, so we made the adult decision to break into his house without telling him. We decided ‘Mark’s [Osegueda] here,’ Mark from this band called Death Angel. Mark knows where he keeps the key and we’re going to break into his house and go into his studio downstairs and jam. It seemed like a really good idea. Three a.m., jamming drunken Black Sabbath in Kirk’s basement, and he was not thrilled.

I had known him for 10 years already at that point and had never seen him angry once. Kirk is easily the most kick-back dude you’ll ever meet in your life and it all changed that night. [He] was more like the angry-then-disappointed dad. He was like one of my best friends and then he’s just, like, ‘I can’t believe you would do this.’ The story goes on and there’s way more to it and there is a happy ending.

There is a very expensive glass door that gets broken later in the story and that added to the misery, but yeah, that story, there were a lot of little details as I was trying to put that one back together. For some reason, I was, like, ‘Who remembered how to get into this house and this and that?’ There was a lot of texting back and forth.

That’s why at the end of the book, I thank some people for the where, when and why because there were little details that I’m like ‘Who did this and who did that?’ Between five or six of us, we were able to put it together.”

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