Revolver Magazine has shared an old interview with Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian. They wrote that ‘interview originally appeared in Revolver magazine in 2011’.

In that interview, Scott Ian has revealed how he decided to get Angus and Malcolm Young tatoos. Here’s the statement:

“AC/DC is my favorite band of all time. Angus [Young, AC/DC guitarist] is 10 years older than me. I watch the level at which he still performs and it makes me think, I gotta go at least 10 more years. If I can’t give as much as Angus, I shouldn’t even be onstage.

I’ve always wanted to get a portrait of [original AC/DC singer] Bon Scott. I haven’t been able to find the right picture of him, but I could wake up any day with the greatest idea and go do it.”

He continued:

“Kat Von D did both of these. I’ve been friends with her for years. Up to that point she’d just done these little late-night drunken tattoos on me, like the 666 on my knuckle.

When I decided to get the Angus and Malcolm portraits, I knew I wanted Kat because she does the best portraits. She asked me if she could do it on the L.A. Ink show, I was like, ‘Of course!'”

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Back in November, He explained that how AC/DC inspired him to play guitar. He said:

Malcolm has always been my hero since day one because he basically taught me how to play guitar. As a kid with AC/DC albums, vinyl albums, in my little bed room on a turn table, I just used to sit and figure out how to play their songs.

And it was all Malcolm. You know? It was all him. So, I was learning to play specifically by listening to what he was doing. He was my guitar teacher. He was the reason I learned how to play rhythm guitar the way I do.

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