Anthrax’s rhythm guitarist and co-founder, Scott Ian, shared a post on his official Instagram account revealing his favorite guitar riff from the band’s 1988 record, ‘State of Euphoria.’ It is clear that the rocker loves the riff of the track ‘Finale,’ and it sounded incredible when he performed it to his fans.

Many of you might know that Anthrax released its fourth studio album, ‘State of Euphoria‘ on September 19, 1988. The record did not meet fans’ expectations, especially in comparison to their previous releases such as ‘Spreading the Disease’ and ‘Among the Living.’ The band members previously opened up about the album’s lack of success and stated that it feels unfinished even for them.

Despite the record’s unsuccessful critical reception, ‘State of Euphoria’ contains some of the band’s best-known tracks, including ‘Antisocial,’ ‘Be All, End All,‘ and ‘Finale.’ All of these songs managed to find themselves a place in Anthrax’s live setlists since the album’s accompanying tour in 1988 and 1989.

Although the band members don’t frequently mention the 1988 album, Scott Ian recently shared a post on his official Instagram page dedicated to ‘State of Euphoria.’ The guitarist revealed his favorite guitar riff from the album, and apparently, it’s the riff from the successful track, ‘Finale.’

The caption in his IG post follows:

“I finally get to play my favorite riff on the ‘State of Euphoria!’ FINALE!!! Over, finished, gone, done, OUT!”

While revealing his all-time favorite riff from Anthrax’s fourth studio album, Scott Ian also performed it with his cool metallic black guitar. The rocker looked genuinely pleased while performing the track, and he expressed his happiness over finally getting the opportunity to play the riff.