Anthrax drummer Charlie Benante and the guitarist of the band Scott Ian joined an interview for ‘Talk Is Jericho’ to recall their second and third albums as they revealed the reason for not releasing something new for years.

As you may know, Anthrax’s album titled ‘For All Kings’ was the eleventh and last album for now. All of the songs of the album had been written by Joey Belladonna, Charlie Benante, and Scott Ian himself. ‘For All Kings’ had eleven brand new tracks, including five more for Deluxe Edition and iTunes Bonus version.

According to Anthrax star, they do not have to make records anymore while all of the fans would be okay to listen to 14 to 18 songs every two years. However, he also added that he feels Anthrax is not such a band and they will continue to dedicate themselves to new records in the near future.

Here is what Scott Ian said about possible new records:

“Being the guys in the band, we see it in a certain way. And for sure, that time period of ’85 through ’87 is why we’re on the phone talking about this right now. We were able to leave a deep enough mark on the planet in people’s psyches. People fell in love with what we were doing and continued to all these years later.

Right now somewhere on this planet, there is a kid — literally a kid — probably listening to ‘Among The Living’ for the first time, because his older brother turned him on to it or whatever reason; or he found it online streaming, because it said, ‘If you like this, you should try this.’

And it’s an undeniable record — both of them are. You really can’t go wrong, I feel like, with either one; they just absolutely hold up. Yeah, we have those records to thank for a career.”

He continued:

“It’d be really easy, I think — maybe ‘easy’ is not the right word — but for a band like us, with our catalog, we don’t have to make records anymore. We did come to a point in our career where we could have just gone out every two years and played the songs that everybody wants to hear — the same 14 to 18 songs that everyone wants to hear, and we could have just done that. But it’s really not who we are.

So when people talk so highly about ‘Worship Music’ and ‘For All Kings’, it feels really good, because we did work so hard on those records and put so much of ourselves and our lives into those records, and to know that people connect with those records the same way they connected with the records from 30 years ago, obviously, feels really good; it makes me feel really good, as an artist. And the fact that we don’t have to just rest on our laurels, as they say. It’s always about moving forward.”

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