The guitarist and additional lead vocalist of Anthrax, Scott Ian has shared an amazing memory about the time when he went to Iron Maiden show with his son.

Ian recalled the last year when he went to the concert of Iron Maiden together with his wife, and his son Revel Ian. Scott Ian posted a short video, along with some lovely pictures, taken at that night with his son, both having lots of fun.

Ian also mentioned that the frontman of Iron Maiden and the pilot, Bruce Dickinson, was so nice that he ignored the whole VIP room to talk to Revel Ian after the show. Scott said that his son met with Bruce a few years ago when Bruce was piloting on Ed Force One.

Here is what Scott Ian said on his latest Instagram post:

“One year ago right now. Maiden absolutely killed it in Brooklyn! We can’t wait to do this again!!! And thank you Rod for the killer seats! Re the picture with Bruce – He basically ignored the whole VIP room to talk to our son.

They’d met a few years earlier on Ed Force One when Bruce was piloting us around South America. Best tour ever!!!”

You can see Ian’s post below.