Sebastian Bach recently posted a tweet commenting on Alec Baldwin’s killing a crew member by accidentally shooting her. In the tweet, he implied that he is confused about the whole incident.

As you may know, actor Alec Baldwin was filming a new western movie named ‘Rust.’ At some point during the filming, his character, which was an outlaw, needed to use a gun. He then used a ‘prop gun’ but accidentally fired it and injured the director while killing the film’s cinematographer.

After the incident, a controversy sparked since the gun he was using was known as a prop. Officials said that the gun was safe before Baldwin used it, and the assistant director claimed he did not know that there were live rounds in the gun. Regardless of these claims, Baldwin ended up fatally injuring one person and killing the other one with a gun known as a ‘prop.’

Following the tragic incident, many people started to raise questions about the issue. Former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach also posted a tweet asking his followers how a prop gun can be called a prop if it is able to kill people. Following that, one of his followers told him that guns aren’t toys. Upon seeing that, Bach stated he does not get that guns can be props and also can fatally injure people.

Sebastian Bach’s tweet read:

“Just wondering, if a ‘prop gun’ kills people if you shoot them with it, what exactly about a ‘prop gun’ is a ‘prop’?”

One of his followers then tweeted him:

“People must not watch gun safety vids. Guns aren’t toys.”

Sebastian Bach then responded:

“But guns are props? I don’t get it.

You can check out the tweets below.