Ex-Skid Row lead vocalist Sebastian Bach recently posted a tweet to reflect his ideas on Neil Young threatening Spotify to take down all his music if they don’t cancel Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Recently, Neil Young sent a letter to his management team and record label, which can be described as an ultimatum to Spotify. Young asked the platform to feature either his work or Joe Rogan’s The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which has been streaming on Spotify for a while.

As a person who chose to release his own music on his website and was never a fan of the platform anyway, Neil Young clearly stated that he will remove his music if Rogan continues spreading his controversial ideas about vaccines, the pandemic, and restrictions through his podcast. The criticism against him started especially after he hosted anti-vaxxer epidemiologist Dr. Robert Malone.

Following the episode’s airing, 270 doctors, scientists, and healthcare professionals sent an open letter to Spotify to stop this misinformation, although Joe Rogan has approximately 11 million listeners per episode. Many artists, alongside his former bandmate from CSNY, David Crosby, supported Young’s bold decision to protect public health.

In addition to Crosby, Sebastian Bach defined Rogan as ‘a complete jackass’ that doesn’t care about people’s health. The singer emphasized Young’s effort to protect rock and roll and his fans’ lives by giving an ultimatum to Spotify, saying they can’t have both him and Rogan.

James Jasta’s tweet read:

“Spotify doesn’t care, Neil. Rogan is not your problem. Start your own streaming service where you pay bands more than what Spotify pays, the; then’ll care.”

Bach responded:

“Misinformation about the vaccines is everybody’s problem. Neil Young is doing this because he wants to rock and roll to exist and his fans to live. This other guy is a complete jackass who doesn’t give a shit about anybody or anything except himself.”

You can check out the tweets below.