Former Skid Row star that currently working solo on his career and also Canadian singer-songwriter, Sebastian Bach, has responded to some of his followers’ tweets today and amazed his fan base with his current thoughts on Skid Row itself.

After a record producer, Jay Ruston sent a recent tweet that asks his followers to name a band that made a bright start but could not make the rest of it that people stop listening to them.

While Jay named Radiohead, Pearl Jam, and The Killers after responding to his own tweet, former Skid Row star Sebastian Bach chimed in and named his former band that he played for ten years, from 1987 to 1997.

After Sebastian admitted that he’s not listening to Skid Row which has released their latest solo album named ‘United World Rebellion’ back in 2014, lots of fans were amazed by the confession of Bach.

Here is what Jay Ruston asked first:

“Name a band that started out with a couple of brilliant records and the rest of their catalog is nonexistent in your regular listening.

Sebastian took that tweet and gave an unexpected answer:

“Skid Row.”

You can check out that interesting tweet of Bach right below.