Former Skid Row lead singer Sebastian Bach shared a post on his official Twitter account announcing that he tested positive for the Covid-19. While the singer said all symptoms are gone, and he’s feeling great, he also affirmed that his upcoming shows will not be canceled.

As many of you know, Sebastian Bach has been an active advocate of the Covid-19 restrictions and the vaccine since the pandemic outbreak. He received the COVID-19 vaccine back in April and celebrated it with a post on his official Twitter account.

The rocker stated that he’s ready to rock now and advised every single rock ‘n’ roll fan to get their vaccines so that the musicians can start touring again while making sure that both their crew and their audience are staying safe.

His Twitter post follows:

Got the shot. Ready to ROCK!! Every one of you who calls yourself a rock fan, go get the vaccine and a vaccine passport so we can get this show on the road again, mother truckers!

Being a big-time supporter of the vaccine, the former Skid Row singer once even got into a heated verbal fight with a fan who is an anti-vaxxer. According to the musician, if a person is against the vaccine, it means they are also against rock ‘n’ roll. He advised people to stop causing problems and become a part of the solution.

Recently, Sebastian Bach shared a post on Twitter, announcing that he tested positive for Covid-19 after giving two live performances and attending his wife’s High School reunion. According to the rocker, those are the places he might have contracted the virus, and it seems like he found it vital to warn his fans about how high-risk those places are.

In addition to this, Bach thanked the vaccine he got some months ago and stated that he cannot wait to get his second shot. Apparently, the musician is already feeling better, and thanks to the vaccine, all symptoms are gone now. Since he’s feeling much better and will most likely test negative, Bach also announced that he will not be canceling any shows.

Sebastian Bach’s announcement goes:

“After doing two shows & going to my wife’s High School reunion, I came home & tested positive for Covid. Here are the locations. I may have got it in any one of these places. Thank God for the vaccine. I can’t wait to get another one. All symptoms are gone now. Not canceling shows.”

You can see the Twitter post below.