Skid Row’s former lead vocalist, Sebastian Bach, recently posted a tweet on his Twitter account and congratulated Paul Stanley for the success of his new album with Soul Station and said that one of the main reasons why it has achieved such critical acclaim is due to KISS fans.

For the past couple of years, aside from his successful career with KISS, Paul Stanley has also been pursuing a career in music with a different band that he founded, Soul Station. This band has great sentimental value for Paul Stanley as its aim is to pay tribute to great R&B and Soul musicians and to keep their inspiring music current.

Soul Station consists of 15 well-known musicians from different genres and although they have done worldwide tours in the past couple of years, it wasn’t until some weeks ago that they released their debut album. ‘Now and Then‘ was released on March 19 and it has already achieved widespread critical acclaim. Soon after the release of ‘Now and Then’ Sebastian Bach was one of the people who had applauded Paul Stanley.

Bach had shared a tweet congratulating Paul Stanley for making such a great record and had said that he can’t wait to get it on vinyl. Just some hours ago Stanley shared another tweet with which he announced that their new album ranked No. 8 on the Billboard Album Charts. Bach quoted this tweet and said that this is ‘awesome news’ while stating that ‘KISS fans rule‘ as they were the ones who supported Stanley on his new endeavors.

Here’s what Sebastian Bach said in his tweets:

KISS fans rule, this is awesome news.”

You can check out Sebastian Bach’s tweet below.