The former frontman of the New Jersey-based band Skid Row, Sebastian Bach has called the Trump GSA appointee Emily Murphy a ‘brainless piece of shit’ as the breaking news revealed that she is the one who causes a problem for the transition process of the new president, Joe Biden.

Lately, the supporters of the Democratic Party and Joe Biden have been shocked by the annoying act of Emily Murphy, who is the administrator of the US General Services Administration.

It was unveiled that the President-elect Joe Biden is facing some serious struggles during his transition to the presidency because Murphy is refusing to start the process. All she has to do is to sign a letter, an official acknowledgment, to give the crucial access to Biden’s team, yet, Emily Murphy has been busy with keeping a whole country waiting for a while now.

Along with countless citizens and public figures on social media, Sebastian Bach has stood against the Trump GSA appointee with a tweet showing who the real boss is. Bach reminded Murphy of the fact that she works for the people of the US, so she should put down the donut and do her job immediately.

Here’s what Sebastian Bach said in his recent tweet:

News flash you brainless piece of shit. Emily Murphy. You work for us, put down that donut, and do your job. We are all watching you and waiting.”

You can see the tweet below.