Canadian musician and the former member of Skid Row, Sebastian Bach has targeted Donald Trump and criticized his polity with sarcastic words on Twitter.

Bach has called out Trump anew with his tweets in which he mentioned him as the dictator who let his secret police to kidnap innocent Americans. Not long ago, Sebastian Bach has reminded his followers that if they support Trump, it means, they stand against rock n’ roll.

On his latest tweet, Bach has continued to show the same strong stance against Trump and his supporters. He has replied to the tweet of a Twitter user, in which the user said America is still there and everything will get better. Bach stated in his tweet that this is not the America he knew, implying the policy of Trump.

Here is what Bach said on his latest tweet:

The America that I knew was filled with music and joy. The most amazing fantastic sounds of every kind of beautiful music you ever heard.

Not the sounds of a dictator’s secret police kidnapping innocent Americans off the streets of their own town.”

You can see the tweet of Bach below.