Former Skid Row lead vocalist Sebastian Bach posted a couple of tweets about Skid Row’s song ‘Sweet Little Sister’ and explained the reason why he changed the lyrics after his fans noticed it.

Skid Row released their self-titled debut studio album on January 24, 1989, and it received very positive reviews from their fans and music critics. Its tracks, ‘Youth Gone Wild,’ ’18 and Life,’ and ‘I Remember You’ became very popular and were listened to all around the world.

On the other hand, years after its release, another song from the album named ‘Sweet Little Sister’ attracted attention due to its offensive lyrics ‘Her friend is doing time for kicking ass on a queer.’ The song was targeted by the LGBT community due to these controversial words.

As a person who wanted to raise awareness on this issue, Sebastian Bach decided to change the lyrics to ‘Her friend is doing time for knocking over a beer’ while performing it during his latest concerts. Bach confirmed this change with a recent tweet and stressed that he can’t sing words that he doesn’t support, and his fans appreciated his sensitivity.

A fan’s tweet read:

“You kicked ass last night in SF! As a lifetime fan who has seen you everywhere from Hammerjacks to NY Steel to Broadway- who happens to be gay- I thank you for changing the lyrics to ‘Sweet Little Sister’ Words matter! You f*ckin rock!”

Bach responded:

“Yes, they do. Very cool that someone actually noticed.

Another fan added:

“I noticed when he changed the lyrics in Portland at his 12/3 show. My sister and I gave each other a fist bump. Made me proud to see and hear. You are correct. Words matter. Thank you, Sebastian and Cip, keep rocking, my friend.”

Bach replied:

“That is so cool. Thank you for letting me know glad you dig it. I can’t sing words that I don’t believe in. There are other changes made too.”

You can check out the tweets and song below.