Replying to a comment on Twitter, Skid Row legend Sebastian Bach has reacted to KISS haters on internet with this statement “KISS Rules + the internet is for fools”.

A fan named Ross Pelton asked:

“What are your thoughts on Eric Singer doing Beth?”

Sebastian responded:

Eric fucking killed it tonight in front of about 20,000 people it was unbelievable”

Another fan named Mario Ferrari said:

“What about the other? Are they singing? I love kiss, been a fan for 37 years, but I am getting disappointed with the comments and don’t feel like going to the show here.

I would really appreciate your opinion. I know you are a real fan.”

Sebastian replied:

“That’s how fucking stupid the internet is. The internet has absolutely nothing to do with actual reality. KISS Rules + the internet is for fools

You can reach the tweets below.

He also shared a photo from KISS’ backstage, and wrote:

“Doing my laundry today at the KISS laundromat 💥🚰😈”

You can see the photo below.