Former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach has reacted to fans who are accusing Paul Stanley of lip syncing during his live performances.

A fan named JD Campbell wrote to Sebastian:

“I saw @KISSOnline in Portland and Tacoma. I really enjoyed the show. Looked live to me. Things are tuned down a bit, for sure.

But when you are in your late 60’s, I don’t expect you to hit the notes you did at 30.”

Sebastian responded:

“Kiss hit the exact same notes last night in Anaheim that they did in their 30s I don’t know what show you went to”

Another fan said:

“Yeah, because Paul is lip syncing to tracks from 25 years ago or more. You cannot be that blind. The evidence online is astounding. Call a thing a thing! He’s not singing much of anything live.”

Sebastian replied:

“”the evidence online” 😆😆😆😆😆 why don’t you shut the fuck up and go to a rock concert instead of talking out your ass on the internet”

See the tweets below.