The Canadian singer and the previous frontman of Skid Row, Sebastian Bach has reacted to a fan’s tweet who says the music can’t die and stated that it died last March signaling the elections.

As you know, Sebastian Bach has been highly brave and outspoken about the political views he finds inaccurate and toxic for the future of America. He has expressed his thoughts on the polity of Trump and criticized him on Twitter by calling him a dictator who took away the freedom of music.

In a similar manner, Bach has replied to the tweet of a Twitter user who supported that the music cannot die. Sebastian Bach said that the music has already died in the last March when the 2019 United States elections were held.

The results of the election reflected a suburban revolt against Trump and the Republican Party in general, as some areas swung heavily towards Democratic candidates in local, state, and federal elections.

Against the Republican Party and Trump, Sebastian Bach said that we can revive the music on the coming election on November 3. He asked his followers to vote for science by mentioning the Democrat candidate Joe Biden instead of reality television. 

Here is what the Twitter user said in his tweet:

“Music can’t die.”

Sebastian Bach reacted by saying:

Music died last March. It is now August. There is no plan to get us out of this because there is nobody in charge. We have a chance to bring music back on November 3rd by voting for science instead of reality television. Joe Biden. NOV3 Vote for music.”

You can see Bach’s tweet below.