In an interview with Herald Tribune, Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach has expressed his feelings about 30th anniversary of the band. He said:

“Well, you know, you only get one 30th anniversary, so it is quite amazing. I don’t have contact with those guys, so that’s kind of a drag, but I’m not going to ignore that 30th anniversary.

I plan on commemorating it if I can in some way, possibly with a live show, we’re thinking about that. I think Atlantic is thinking of re-releasing the first album, but I don’t know the details on that. But we’ll find out soon.”

On what was it like acting on “Gilmore Girls”, he said:

“Well, people have a great affection for that show, “Gilmore Girls.” I walk around town and girls and their moms will just kind of freak out if they see me and say, “Oh my God, it’s Gil.” But to do that show again was like a time travel experience because I hadn’t seen those people in at least 10 years, I think.

When we did the show again, it was the same exact cast, the same crew, everybody was the same. We shot it in the Warner Brothers lot. So it was a really amazing experience to step back in time and do that again.”

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